Most customers are told by their existing communications sales provider that equipment is now "throw away". Nothing can be farther from the truth! Many of the radios used in the state of WV and PA are either trunking or digital conventional and cost thousands of dollars! Protect your investment by entrusting your repairs with us! We provide ALL repairs on site, and do not send repairs back for manufacturer's "depot" repair, which generally charge flat rate repair costs that can be far in excess of a repair we can provide at our facility.

We have a state of the art repair center on site with static safe repair bench with the latest in SMD rework equipment to perform repairs at our facility for fast turnaraound and reasonable repair rates.

We also provide complete On-Site service for our customers. We provide On-Site installations for most any of the products we sell, with the exception generally of "complete" law enforcement or fire department vehicles.


Mobiles & Portables